Another head-in-the sand Approach by Government

It’s a true sign of a worn-out government when they deny even the most basic statistic to self-serve their head-in the sand perspective.

Listening to a recent Nightline show, we heard a government MHA state that food banks are not a true measure of poverty.

According to Food Banks Canada’s annual survey it shows over 882,188 people in Canada visited a food bank in March 2012. Odds are they didn’t go there for a social visit. These are people struggling to make ends meet.

The chief economist at TD bank stated at the time the report was released Food-bank usage is one of the more tangible measures of how society is faring. It’s worth paying attention to because it gives a “true depiction” of the challenges that low-income people are facing.

Just so happens that this province has over twice the national average of food bank usage and the fourth highest rate of childhood poverty in the country.

How can that be so when government has a Poverty Reduction Strategy they boast so much about?    We don’t know, as they have refused to provide a progress report on its strategy.  A sure sign they have failed to meet their goals. Instead of providing the truth, they go on Open Line denying reality.

Our Liberal leadership candidate believes no one should be left behind – not the working poor, those on income support,  single parents, seniors, students, the unemployed, many of these which use food banks.

In fact, Jim has a proposal to eradicate child poverty and to improve the standard of living of the disabled and seniors.

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