The Great Red-Hot Gander Debate

There is no doubt our Party is feeling reinvigorated by the Leadership contest, and the candidates' debate in Gander Thursday evening ratcheted the excitement up another notch or two.

Professional, well-executed, a terrific venue and interesting exchanges all added to making the debate a feel-good night for Liberals no matter where your support is parked. 

Our Leadership Candidate shone brightly as he delivered a strong performance and advanced the most solid policy platform.

Positive feedback keeps coming in on Jim's strong standing in the debate.  One commentator observed that he was the only one that responded to questions without the need to refer to notes.

That is one of Jim's many strengths - he is very knowledgeable on the issues and this has helped shape the vision he has for this province.

Jim has admirable leadership qualities that inspire,  and events like the candidates' debates will help our Liberal community to see and appreciate what an accomplished and bright candidate he is in this race.

Congratulations Jim on emerging as one of the front-runners in the Gander debate!

Team Bennett