Support Jim

The changes that are required in the Liberal Party will not come without hard work and dedication. Jim is committed to the task at hand but he cannot do it alone, he needs your support. The campaign needs volunteers in every district in the Province to mobilize voters and ensure they vote when the time comes. We also need financial support to help spread the message via all available mediums. Jim's campaign will not be based on one or two huge donors who will fund paid staff for an ostentatious campaign. Instead it will focus on contact at the individual level, something that has been missing from the Liberal Party for too long. As such we need your help.   

Also remember that to be successful Jim needs your vote and you have to be registered with the party in order to vote. Luckily we can easily take care of that for you! Just click on the tab above that says "Resister" fill out the form and click submit and we'll take care of the rest.

If you would like to support Jim either through volunteer activities or financial contribution please contact the campaign team using the contact form to the right.  ----->

Thanks for your support!