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Dear Liberal Friends;

The Liberal Leadership process is well into the home stretch and your vote will help determine the next Leader of our Party.

There is a new era of politics on the horizon here in Newfoundland and Labrador; and it will take a strong, skillful and committed Leader to ensure our Party is ready to embrace and direct this opportunity.

It is important that our leader be a sitting member of the house of assembly and be able to lead from day one.  A Leader must be knowledgeable on the issues; someone that is not afraid to fight and stand up for what the people need; someone that can see the bigger picture, is flexible in the details but never in the Vision. We need a Leader that will lead Government to meaningful changes for our communities and provide better care for our seniors, the disabled and those who need our help.  

I know that you have waited long for the Liberal Party to be reshaped into a stronger organization in each and every district.  Under my leadership, our Party will  once again be abuzz with strength, respect, unity and excitement.  Together, we will rebuild the proud Liberal Brand.  

This is truly a milestone time in our Party and for you as a Liberal.  This is your chance to  ensure our Party succeeds in reinventing ourselves and  in forming the next government.   

I respectfully ask that you provide me the mandate to bring success and prosperity to our Party and our Province as we embrace this challenge and this opportunity. 

Jim Bennett