Government giving the boot to the Burin Peninsula?

 Many regions in this province have been badly neglected by the current Government.

Our Leadership Candidate paid a visit to the Burin Peninsula this past week to hear the concerns of the people there about the lack of support it is getting from Government.
The concerns were many and the frustration with Government is clearly reaching a high point.

People in Marystown are still reeling from the loss of their fishplant – a plant the Premier promised she would help find a solution for during the election campaign in 2011. People wanted to know why the proposed Fluorspar mine isn’t started yet in St. Lawrence?  Contributing $17 million towards the reactivation of the mine in August 2011, the Premier promised that the mine would bring considerable activity to the region. Not a word on the status of the project from the Premier.  Highliner pulled out of Burin without a whimper from Government and people from that community still wonder about their future.  Why aren’t the ferries we so badly need being built in Marystown? What about the escaped salmon from the fish farms?   What about the recent rain damage?

People want to know why the current Government isn’t listening or taking action - especially given that the Premier is from the area and two of the area's MHAs are in her Cabinet.

Jim committed that he will continue to work on behalf of the Burin Peninsula and speak out on the issues that concern them like the fishery. Regional diversification will play a big role in Jim’s policy platform and more importantly, so will listening … something the current Government seems to have forgotten how to do.

Team Jim Bennett