People are talking

As the campaign continues on we hear over and over how Jim stands out among the others as the best choice for Leader of the Liberal Party. Some like his success in the debates, others appreciate his new and innovative ideas while others warm to his personable demeanor and humble character. Here is just a sampling of some of the comments we have collected about Jim's bid for the Leadership.
"I am very impressed by your insightful thoughts on issues relating to our province's economic progress, and social programming, Jim! Since we spoke at Wabush Airport last year, it became clearly evident to me that, in terms of intellect and sound logic, you certainly have this election wrapped up. I wish you all the best!" Derrick via Facebook

 "Jim showed what most people rarely think to do (take the focus off himself) and this spoke volumes with regard to his character!  It came shining through in an arena where most candidates focus is LOOK AT ME I AM THE BEST." Donna Endicott on the MUN Debate

"Perhaps with all the problems that the aquaculture industry has experienced in the past year or so,  and all  the public criticism the provincial government has received over it, they are finally prepared to think outside the box (open net pen boxes that is).  In any event,  under the circumstances it’s great to see Jim prepared to give credit where credit is due given the abuse they have given him…says a lot about his personal character.  I have been very impressed with Jim’s unwavering commitment to this issue.  Thank-you also for the work that you have done on this file!"  Don Ivaney on Aquaculture Release on Closed Containment

 "...The liberal party has a great and reputable collection of candidates seeking the leadership position. I was very impressed with all of them. I found Jim to be very sincere, but could tell that many of the leaders had done their homework when it came to Labrador issues. I think I will support Jim, because of his genuineness and passion. He's a great guy."   Sandy from Labrador

 "I like to say that I've never voted Liberal before but I will be doing so this time around because of you. I am (and have been for some time) impressed with your approach, confidence and unique ideas. As far as I am concerned, you've presented the clearest and most unique approaches to a lot of issues in front of us today. You clearly have a mind of your own, lots of confidence, are well spoken and in my opinion, you were the shining star of the debate last night (VOCM). I really liked the way you presented yourself during the debate (and always for that matter) and I thought your 2 minute final summary really hit the nail on the head..."  Corwin

And finally is a quote that appeared in the Herald in 2012, long before the Leadership contest began:
"I'm not even slightly outraged that Bennett threatened to go to Open Lines and embarrass some government minister because he couldn't get satisfaction for one of his constitutents. Good for him! That's the kind of MHA I want representing me."- Jim Furlong - The NL Herald (March 25,2012)

Whatever your reason might be for supporting Jim it goes a long way to ensure that the Liberal Party and hopefully the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador will soon have a person at the helm with character, passion, vision and integrity.

Team Jim Bennett