Making Contact

As members of the Jim Bennett Liberal Leadership campaign Team,
we are delighted to be reaching out to people to secure further support for our star candidate.

The feedback for Jim has been nothing short of positive!

Most people recognise his name and like his style.  They assure us they have him at the top of their voting choices.  They have heard him speak out on matters of public policy and are impressed with his knowledge, his communication skills and his ability to be decisive on all the issues.

Jim has earned himself respect in this campaign. He's solid on the issues, he's respectful and decent and he shows that he has a fighting and feisty spirit in him - all essential skills of a real leader.

The leadership race is well into the home stretch and the support (and admiration!) for Jim is growing and gratifying.

Hard work, vision, smarts, a real gentleman,  a man who is confident (without the ego) and who knows how to make things happen - these are the qualities that  drew us to his Team; and these are the same qualities that continue to impress the voters we call.

Come on board - and make the choice that makes sense - for the Party and the Province.

Vote for Jim!

Team Jim Bennett