VOCM Debate Boosts Jim’s Popularity

Jim at VOCM Debate. Photo is the property of VOCM.
It was another fine night for the Liberal Leadership Candidates to gather and showcase their leadership style to the people of the province.

It was a near-full house at The Capital Hotel with plenty of loyal Liberals and others who are now looking to the Liberal Party as the only alternative in the run up to Election 2015.

It came as no surprise that Jim’s performance was once again impressive; and as one observer noted “no debate that Jim was on top of his game!”

From his opening address on social justice to his closing statement on “making and sharing the pie” (for which he got an enthusiastic applause!), our Leadership Candidate emerged once again as the policy frontrunner and knowledgeable on all the issues. He also placed a priority on building the party back up which pleases many Liberals. 

The post-debate accolades highlight the fact that support for Jim’s Leadership  is growing as the campaign speeds along.  One supporter who is now solidly behind Jim wrote the Jim Bennett Team to say:

Jim has the opportunity to build on what he is already ‘standing for’ . To prove to the province that he is ‘the leader’ amongst ‘the five’. He has the ability to pull himself forward as ‘the leader’.

Our Candidate is grateful for all the support that is moving his way and is working hard to earn your respect, backing and trust to enable him to lead this party and this province.

Team Jim Bennett