Jim shines at Labrador Debate!

It seems the Liberal Party received a warm welcome by many Labradorians who attended today's debate in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. It was a chance for the Leadership candidates to strut their styles, personalities and policies.

How did our Leadership Candidate perform? Well, according to one person in attendance:

"...The liberal party has a great and reputable collection of candidates seeking the leadership position. I was very impressed with all of them. I found Jim to be very sincere, but could tell that many of the leaders had done their homework when it came to Labrador issues. I think I will support Jim, because of his genuineness and passion. He's a great guy. :-) 
Thanks for the invite."
Sandy Gould

Jim is impressing more and more people as the campaign rolls along.

Known as the Policy Candidate in this race, his genuineness and passion are also  strengths that people  admire and see as sound attributes of a strong Leader.

Team Jim Bennett