Selective "Open-Minded" Approach by Government

They say those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything!

Fresh off a fracking tour in Western Canada, Minister Marshall was recently touting the need to be open-minded about the possibility of using the fracking process here in our province.

Our Leadership candidate introduced in the House of Assembly a Private Member's Resolution calling on Government to introduce the Strongest Regulations to protect the environment while permitting fracking. It was supported by the entire opposition including the NDP. Government claimed that they already have strong enough regulations and defeated it.

On the other hand, Minister Marshall should be mentoring his Fisheries colleague about the need to be open-minded about the use of closed containment technology in the aquaculture industry.  The current use of open net pens are environmentally harmful  contributing to wild salmon declines, diseases, pollution, escapees and usage of pesticides in our coastal waters. There have been 5 outbreaks of Infectious Salmon Anemia(ISA) in the last 12 months alone!

Jim has been calling upon Government for the past two years to do it better in aquaculture development and transition to closed containment.  Closed containment is the responsible way forward, but Government continues to be closed-minded about this changing technology which offers a better ecological solution to fish farming.

Government may want us to be open-minded, but it only applies to certain issues.  This continued double standard is why this Government continues to be increasingly distrusted by the people of the province and why they are open to new leadership provided by candidates like Jim.

Team Jim Bennett