Are you ready to Vote for the Future?

It's finally here!

The week where your vote counts in shaping the future of the Liberal Party and in a short time, the Province. With five good candidates vying, the choices are not easy.

Here at Team Bennett, we've worked with Jim for the past 4 months and we recognise excellence in leadership. Here's why we feel Jim is best suited to help lead the Liberal Party and rebuild it as we prepare for success in the next election here in Newfoundland and Labrador.

And it's easy to remember what makes Jim well positioned to lead and succeed- we've summed it up with the 5 Ps!

Policy   As an MHA Jim was strong on policy before the leadership contest began, but this race has earned him the star for being the Policy Candidate. Jim is a quick study, knowledgeable and decisive. All good qualities for a solid leader. He is insightful and has a keen understanding of how the right public policy can make all the difference in the lives of our citizens - and isn't that is the bottom line - improving ALL of our lives?

Passion  & Persistence
   There's a quiet, humble but persistent passion about Jim that keeps him fired up! When he sets his eye to accomplish something, he works hard and keeps on the track. He is always persistent in vision, but  flexible in the details. Always a gentleman, selfless and he leads by following what is right for each and all ... how cool is that?

People  Jim's mantra throughout this campaign has been that "The Business of Government is People" - it's that simple. Jim never takes his eye of the essential piece of being a politician - it's about compassion and about people. From  his social justice platform of taking care of our seniors, pensioners and youth to tackling organised crime to ensuring we have optimal health care and the best education, Jim has stepped forward to lead this province so no one is left behind.

Prosperity  Jim has a vision of prosperity for our people and for Government.  He is keen on proper Fiscal management and making our public dollars work better for us.  Jim believes we can do better and he has the skills, the knowledge and the fire to push forward to a better tomorrow.  Jim is keen in ensuring that whatever prosperity touches one of us should benefit us all.

Party  No other candidate has had such long-term direct involvement with the Liberal Party - both on a national and provincial level. He has been a loyal and strong Liberal through the ups and downs in our party. He believes our Party has potential that we have yet to realise. As Leader, Jim has a plan to get out Party back in tip-top shape, starting with the grassroots and our district associations.  Let's put the sizzle back into our beloved Party!

Jim Bennett is seen as the underdog in this campaign.  That's because he reflects those who are without a voice. He takes strength from his hard work, his connections with the people, his strategy on smart policies, his focus on what is right and his belief that each and every one of us should all be a part of what makes our province simply the best.

At Team Bennett we are proud of our candidate, confident in his skills, experience and vision.

But it's YOUR vote, YOUR  choice that determines the future of the Party and the Province.

Thank you for voting in this race - Let's move the Liberal Party forward with the Right Choice!

Team Jim Bennett