Media Moves – by Jim Bennett!

Friday was a busy media day for our Liberal Leadership Candidate!  
  • Jim attended a technical briefing on the new agreement-in- principle of the CETA agreement between Canada and the EU;
  • then it was off to the CBC studios for a taping of an On Point TV session with David Cochrane;
  • next, a radio interview with Jamie Baker of the Fisheries Broadcast regarding the province dropping the Minimum Processing Requirements (MPRs) for our Fisheries (as part of the CETA agreement) and the issuance of a press release;
  • and finally, Jim went on Back Talk with Paddy Daley regarding this very important issue in our province arguing that Dunderdale and Harper have sold  out the small processors and the small fishing communities.
Our Leadership Candidate is skilled at dealing with a variety of tasks at one time and quickly digesting (and reacting) to news on the move.  Jim is a skilled communicator who thrives in a fast-paced environment - an essential skill if you are aiming to lead this Province.

Along the way, he received a few compliments for his good work.
 “Good dense policy answers!”  -from the gracious host of On Point  (following the interview)

“ A breath of fresh air. What a tremendous job Jim.  On the fisheries front (and for rural NL) you are a blessing. Well done.   – Email from Maurice after Back Talk

Our Candidate is in the Groove and on the Move!

Team Jim Bennett