We have to do it differently!

Cod are coming back to our waters after an absence of over 20 years. There is a need for a plan to deal with the harvesting, processing and marketing of this  precious resource to ensure it has a place in our future.

Our Leadership candidate has been continuously calling on government to get its  act together and be prepared with an action plan so we can maximize the value of this fish. Government of course continues to deny we need to act and so, they do what they do best - twiddle their thumbs.

This past Friday on Fisheries Broadcast, Bob Verge (President of the Canadian Centre for  Fisheries Innovation Centre) was questioned about the return of the Cod. While he acknowledges that the world is a different place today than when the Cod were a big part of our lives and there are challenges, he also spoke about the opportunities.

We just have to be prepared to do it differently he says. We have to start with a clean slate to add value to our Cod.  Sounds like we need an action plan right?

As Opposition Fisheries Critic Jim has a gain a great deal of knowledge of the fisheries and  (unlike the current government) sees more opportunities than problems, especially as it pertains to our iconic fish and utilizing  fish wastage. Let's do it differently if needed - but LET'S DO IT!

Jim has the vision and the ideas to make the fishery an industry that does not just stagnates, but grows to improve all our regions.

Team Jim Bennett