Speaking out on the Issues

Even as the registration deadline to vote for the best Liberal Leader fast approaches
(September 30th!),  Jim continues to speak out on issues that are important to our people.

Known as the Policy Person in this Leadership race, Jim is never afraid to make his position known or to challenge the government.

Just this past week alone, our Leadership Candidate has spoken out on educational issues,  the fisheries, infrastructure  and of course, Muskrat Falls.

Concerns were brought forth about how construction was affecting the learning and safety environment in the new school in Carbonear. Jim immediately wrote letters and issued a press statement on this serious issue., Another example of poor planning by this government who had already miscalculated the need for four new classrooms which have yet to be added to this school. Already, improvements have taken place since Jim raised this matter publicly!

The escape of up to 50,000 farmed salmon into Hermitage Bay caused quite the stir this week.  Jim was hot on the trail on that issue appearing on Back Talk and  Fisheries Broadcast and receiving coverage in national papers.   Government continues to allow aquaculture to proceed full speed ahead without a thought for its long-term sustainability. Letters have been written to both the federal and provincial fisheries ministers seeking answers to the many questions surrounding this serious issue.

Jim also has gone on Open Line and has written the Premier and Nalcor seeking monthly progress reports on the development of the Muskrat Falls project. "Monies have been spent and there is no need to keep these investments secret," says Jim. 

The federal government recently announced $16.6 Million for harbour development and repairs in the province. Jim wants to know what harbours the province has identify as priorities,so he wrote a letter to the minister and issued a press release to question why announcements are made in other provinces and not here.

Our Party and Province needs a Leader
Articulate on the issues, firm on the issues and someone not afraid to step forward and hold governments accountable. Jim has the knowledge, smarts  and the listening skills that ensure matters of importance to the people of the province get raised no matter what else is going on.
WIN with JIM!

Team Jim Bennett