Yet another reason...

If you wonder why you should support Jim maybe this post will help. We support Jim because he is a genuine leader who inspires by example, and leads with both his brain and his heart. The following is but one example of how he leads by example.

Following the moratorium in 1992 there were a great many people displaced and in search of work. Jim was in Law School at the time in Windsor Ontario and he wanted to help. He wrote a letter to the editor in The Northern Pen offering a place to stay and a vehicle to use for a few weeks or more to anyone who had a decent chance at finding work . This gesture of goodwill was noticed by many and lead to the following interview on CBC Radio.

In the end Jim provided a place to stay and a truck to drive to a couple of people who were doing their best to get back into the job market. A simple but genuine effort to make a difference one person at a time. Yet another reason Jim is a great leader and would make a great Premier.

Team Jim Bennett