The Personal Touch

As the voting continues this week we continue to hear from more people who have decided to support Jim. This is the most recent example.

"Just to let you know that personally speaking to people you want to vote for you still works.   Both my husband and I changed our vote to place you first because you showed a genuine concern to a matter that affects our family.  Good luck to you in the race and you may hear from me again."
This voter exemplifies the reason why Jim's support continues to grow. The personal touch that is the foundation of Jim's Campaign really hits home with people in all walks of life, in all parts of the Province.

Vote Jim Bennett!

Are you ready to Vote for the Future?

It's finally here!

The week where your vote counts in shaping the future of the Liberal Party and in a short time, the Province. With five good candidates vying, the choices are not easy.

Here at Team Bennett, we've worked with Jim for the past 4 months and we recognise excellence in leadership. Here's why we feel Jim is best suited to help lead the Liberal Party and rebuild it as we prepare for success in the next election here in Newfoundland and Labrador.

And it's easy to remember what makes Jim well positioned to lead and succeed- we've summed it up with the 5 Ps!

Policy   As an MHA Jim was strong on policy before the leadership contest began, but this race has earned him the star for being the Policy Candidate. Jim is a quick study, knowledgeable and decisive. All good qualities for a solid leader. He is insightful and has a keen understanding of how the right public policy can make all the difference in the lives of our citizens - and isn't that is the bottom line - improving ALL of our lives?

Passion  & Persistence
   There's a quiet, humble but persistent passion about Jim that keeps him fired up! When he sets his eye to accomplish something, he works hard and keeps on the track. He is always persistent in vision, but  flexible in the details. Always a gentleman, selfless and he leads by following what is right for each and all ... how cool is that?

People  Jim's mantra throughout this campaign has been that "The Business of Government is People" - it's that simple. Jim never takes his eye of the essential piece of being a politician - it's about compassion and about people. From  his social justice platform of taking care of our seniors, pensioners and youth to tackling organised crime to ensuring we have optimal health care and the best education, Jim has stepped forward to lead this province so no one is left behind.

Prosperity  Jim has a vision of prosperity for our people and for Government.  He is keen on proper Fiscal management and making our public dollars work better for us.  Jim believes we can do better and he has the skills, the knowledge and the fire to push forward to a better tomorrow.  Jim is keen in ensuring that whatever prosperity touches one of us should benefit us all.

Party  No other candidate has had such long-term direct involvement with the Liberal Party - both on a national and provincial level. He has been a loyal and strong Liberal through the ups and downs in our party. He believes our Party has potential that we have yet to realise. As Leader, Jim has a plan to get out Party back in tip-top shape, starting with the grassroots and our district associations.  Let's put the sizzle back into our beloved Party!

Jim Bennett is seen as the underdog in this campaign.  That's because he reflects those who are without a voice. He takes strength from his hard work, his connections with the people, his strategy on smart policies, his focus on what is right and his belief that each and every one of us should all be a part of what makes our province simply the best.

At Team Bennett we are proud of our candidate, confident in his skills, experience and vision.

But it's YOUR vote, YOUR  choice that determines the future of the Party and the Province.

Thank you for voting in this race - Let's move the Liberal Party forward with the Right Choice!

Team Jim Bennett

Importance of Volunteers

It is always important to recognize those who give of their time for the benefit of others. Jim certainly understands this and he spoke in the HOA on the very issue recently.

Team Jim Bennett

People are talking

As the campaign continues on we hear over and over how Jim stands out among the others as the best choice for Leader of the Liberal Party. Some like his success in the debates, others appreciate his new and innovative ideas while others warm to his personable demeanor and humble character. Here is just a sampling of some of the comments we have collected about Jim's bid for the Leadership.
"I am very impressed by your insightful thoughts on issues relating to our province's economic progress, and social programming, Jim! Since we spoke at Wabush Airport last year, it became clearly evident to me that, in terms of intellect and sound logic, you certainly have this election wrapped up. I wish you all the best!" Derrick via Facebook

 "Jim showed what most people rarely think to do (take the focus off himself) and this spoke volumes with regard to his character!  It came shining through in an arena where most candidates focus is LOOK AT ME I AM THE BEST." Donna Endicott on the MUN Debate

"Perhaps with all the problems that the aquaculture industry has experienced in the past year or so,  and all  the public criticism the provincial government has received over it, they are finally prepared to think outside the box (open net pen boxes that is).  In any event,  under the circumstances it’s great to see Jim prepared to give credit where credit is due given the abuse they have given him…says a lot about his personal character.  I have been very impressed with Jim’s unwavering commitment to this issue.  Thank-you also for the work that you have done on this file!"  Don Ivaney on Aquaculture Release on Closed Containment

 "...The liberal party has a great and reputable collection of candidates seeking the leadership position. I was very impressed with all of them. I found Jim to be very sincere, but could tell that many of the leaders had done their homework when it came to Labrador issues. I think I will support Jim, because of his genuineness and passion. He's a great guy."   Sandy from Labrador

 "I like to say that I've never voted Liberal before but I will be doing so this time around because of you. I am (and have been for some time) impressed with your approach, confidence and unique ideas. As far as I am concerned, you've presented the clearest and most unique approaches to a lot of issues in front of us today. You clearly have a mind of your own, lots of confidence, are well spoken and in my opinion, you were the shining star of the debate last night (VOCM). I really liked the way you presented yourself during the debate (and always for that matter) and I thought your 2 minute final summary really hit the nail on the head..."  Corwin

And finally is a quote that appeared in the Herald in 2012, long before the Leadership contest began:
"I'm not even slightly outraged that Bennett threatened to go to Open Lines and embarrass some government minister because he couldn't get satisfaction for one of his constitutents. Good for him! That's the kind of MHA I want representing me."- Jim Furlong - The NL Herald (March 25,2012)

Whatever your reason might be for supporting Jim it goes a long way to ensure that the Liberal Party and hopefully the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador will soon have a person at the helm with character, passion, vision and integrity.

Team Jim Bennett


Making Contact

As members of the Jim Bennett Liberal Leadership campaign Team,
we are delighted to be reaching out to people to secure further support for our star candidate.

The feedback for Jim has been nothing short of positive!

Most people recognise his name and like his style.  They assure us they have him at the top of their voting choices.  They have heard him speak out on matters of public policy and are impressed with his knowledge, his communication skills and his ability to be decisive on all the issues.

Jim has earned himself respect in this campaign. He's solid on the issues, he's respectful and decent and he shows that he has a fighting and feisty spirit in him - all essential skills of a real leader.

The leadership race is well into the home stretch and the support (and admiration!) for Jim is growing and gratifying.

Hard work, vision, smarts, a real gentleman,  a man who is confident (without the ego) and who knows how to make things happen - these are the qualities that  drew us to his Team; and these are the same qualities that continue to impress the voters we call.

Come on board - and make the choice that makes sense - for the Party and the Province.

Vote for Jim!

Team Jim Bennett

Jim on On Point with David Cochrane

If you missed Jim's latest interview click the link below and see why so many people are supporting him. Once you go to the CBC page just click play on the video, Jim is in the second half of the program following the discussion on Muskrat Falls.

Click here to watch Jim on On Point.

Team Jim Bennett

Media Moves – by Jim Bennett!

Friday was a busy media day for our Liberal Leadership Candidate!  
  • Jim attended a technical briefing on the new agreement-in- principle of the CETA agreement between Canada and the EU;
  • then it was off to the CBC studios for a taping of an On Point TV session with David Cochrane;
  • next, a radio interview with Jamie Baker of the Fisheries Broadcast regarding the province dropping the Minimum Processing Requirements (MPRs) for our Fisheries (as part of the CETA agreement) and the issuance of a press release;
  • and finally, Jim went on Back Talk with Paddy Daley regarding this very important issue in our province arguing that Dunderdale and Harper have sold  out the small processors and the small fishing communities.
Our Leadership Candidate is skilled at dealing with a variety of tasks at one time and quickly digesting (and reacting) to news on the move.  Jim is a skilled communicator who thrives in a fast-paced environment - an essential skill if you are aiming to lead this Province.

Along the way, he received a few compliments for his good work.
 “Good dense policy answers!”  -from the gracious host of On Point  (following the interview)

“ A breath of fresh air. What a tremendous job Jim.  On the fisheries front (and for rural NL) you are a blessing. Well done.   – Email from Maurice after Back Talk

Our Candidate is in the Groove and on the Move!

Team Jim Bennett

Jim as an MHA

In a hotly-contested nomination in 2011, Jim was on the ballot as the Liberal candidate for St. Barbe. In the provincial general  election he was then up against the Tory incumbent who had been entrenched for over a decade. 

It was not the most ideal time to run – the Liberal Party was in debt and during the election, the Liberal Leader resigned due to health problems. It made for uncertain times – exactly the environment in which Jim shoots for his best!

Team Bennett was on the ground in the huge district of St. Barbe and it was non-stop. The five most senior members of the team combined over 200 years of political experience.  Every poll was a contest – and the finish lined revealed a mere 36 vote margin victory.  That is an average of 1 vote per poll! It was the closest vote of any district in the Province.  The Liberals came 3rd in popular vote, but maintained Official Opposition Status of 6 seats!

Jim has since proven to be an outstanding member in the District, the House of Assembly and as Chair of the Public Accounts Committee.  As he promised during the campaign, he established an office in the District - the first permanent office in St. Barbe since Confederation.  The output from this office is nothing short of phenomenal with his capable Constituency Assistant and Jim’s very efficient approach.

In the House of Assembly, Jim has distinguished himself in debate, presenting scores of petitions on a variety of issues, presented a number of Private Members Resolutions and taking part on dozens of debates, including on the infamous Bill 29  debate (The Secrecy Bill) and the Muskrat Falls debate – two notable record’s in the province’s Legislature.

Jim has the spiritedness of a courtroom lawyer and is not shy in speaking up for people , nor in opposing poor legislation. Jim has proven himself as one of the constructive and reasonable members of the House. He has built solid relationships with Ministers so as to advance the interest of the public in general – and the residents of St. Barbe in particular.

Team Jim Bennett

Speaking out on the Issues

Even as the registration deadline to vote for the best Liberal Leader fast approaches
(September 30th!),  Jim continues to speak out on issues that are important to our people.

Known as the Policy Person in this Leadership race, Jim is never afraid to make his position known or to challenge the government.

Just this past week alone, our Leadership Candidate has spoken out on educational issues,  the fisheries, infrastructure  and of course, Muskrat Falls.

Concerns were brought forth about how construction was affecting the learning and safety environment in the new school in Carbonear. Jim immediately wrote letters and issued a press statement on this serious issue., Another example of poor planning by this government who had already miscalculated the need for four new classrooms which have yet to be added to this school. Already, improvements have taken place since Jim raised this matter publicly!

The escape of up to 50,000 farmed salmon into Hermitage Bay caused quite the stir this week.  Jim was hot on the trail on that issue appearing on Back Talk and  Fisheries Broadcast and receiving coverage in national papers.   Government continues to allow aquaculture to proceed full speed ahead without a thought for its long-term sustainability. Letters have been written to both the federal and provincial fisheries ministers seeking answers to the many questions surrounding this serious issue.

Jim also has gone on Open Line and has written the Premier and Nalcor seeking monthly progress reports on the development of the Muskrat Falls project. "Monies have been spent and there is no need to keep these investments secret," says Jim. 

The federal government recently announced $16.6 Million for harbour development and repairs in the province. Jim wants to know what harbours the province has identify as priorities,so he wrote a letter to the minister and issued a press release to question why announcements are made in other provinces and not here.

Our Party and Province needs a Leader
Articulate on the issues, firm on the issues and someone not afraid to step forward and hold governments accountable. Jim has the knowledge, smarts  and the listening skills that ensure matters of importance to the people of the province get raised no matter what else is going on.
WIN with JIM!

Team Jim Bennett

You have an Important Date!

"The most important thing is to find out what the most important thing is," wrote Shunryu Suzuki in his book Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind.

In the Liberal Leadership race, the most important thing right now is to ensure you are registered with the Liberal Party of Newfoundland and Labrador.

The very important date you must mark is Monday, September 30th - that is the last day to register so that you can vote in mid-November (8th-15th) for a very important event - selecting the next Leader of the Liberal Party, and potentially the next Premier of NL. The brilliant thing is you do not have to be a member of the Liberal Party to vote.

Any resident of Newfoundland and Labrador 14 years and older can partake in this democratic process.  Even if you haven't voted Liberal before, YOU CAN VOTE.

Remember the most important thing to find out is what is the most important thing - REGISTER yourself!  Helping select the next leader of the Liberal Party means that you are kick-starting the process to put in place  a better government in 2015.

You can Register here, and check out Jim's website. Be inspired by integrity, statesmanship, intelligence, innovative thinking, a passion for policy and people, an effective communicator and a natural Leader. Jim is impressing more and more people as the campaign heightens.

Your mission as an engaged Newfoundland and Labradorian is just beginning!  
REGISTER NOW with the Liberal Party and be part of this important adventure over the next several years that is guaranteed to  take us all to new grounds and new heights - both as a Party and a Province.

Team Jim Bennett

An Evening With Jim

"Every skilled conversationalist knows that a colorful, vivid narrative - funny or moving, surprising or suspenseful - is the best way to attract and hold the attention of an audience."  Jennifer McCrea and Jeffery C. Walker
The Liberal Leadership Debates over the past month has established one truism - Jim Bennett knows how to capture an audience.

Quick-witted, colorful, spontaneous and  unscripted, our Leadership candidate knows the power of a story or a metaphor to convey a message and a meaning.  And the audience responds! (As we have seen with the pie story at the VOCM Debate)

Jim is a skilled and consummate communicator and that makes leader of the pack when it comes to leading our Liberal Party and our Province and sharing his vision and ideas about how we can do better.

This Thursday, at St. Thomas Church Hall (8 Military Road) at 7pm, Jim will host an evening where he will share the history of our remarkable party and his vision for its potential, as well as his thoughts on how our province can  steer the way to a more productive future.

You can be sure that Jim will have a colourful story to share! Let us give you a hint - it involves 3 cars ... the Blue car, the Orange car and the RED Car...

To lead the change that is needed in this province, first you have to "harness the power of a story" to make the connection with people and other important partners as we progress to a better way.  Jim has a passion for People, Policy and for raising the Potential of this Province and our beloved Party.

Come on Thursday and be inspired by a true Communicator and Leader!

Team Jim Bennett

A Class Act

Sometimes a political debate isn't always about one candidate or the other candidate. Actually, it can be about the person in the audience. Which is exactly what unfolded at last night's MUN Liberal Leadership debate at the Bruneau  Innovation Centre on MUN's campus.

Jim Bennett used the opportunity in his closing statement to recognize a special Liberal in the audience - that of former Premier Roger Grimes.

"Imagine the injustice of being Roger Grimes?" he intoned to the audience.

Our Leadership candidate took himself outside the fray of the debate (and used his 2 minutes when he could have been praising himself) to highlight  another strong Liberal who has been trampled by the Tory government and given a lot less credit than he deserved.  Jim showcased Roger to underscore how our Liberal Party has achieved so much, and to remind us how we must remain proud of our Red Boots and Roots!

It was unexpected, but it was vintage Jim - quick on his feet, outside the box, gracious and selfless. Across 5 decades, Jim has always been a Party man and tonight he  showed what a true Leader must and always do - place his Team first and himself second.

As one observer noted after the debate - He is a class act...

Indeed! and that is why we are proud to be part of Jim's team!

Team Jim Bennett

VOCM Debate Boosts Jim’s Popularity

Jim at VOCM Debate. Photo is the property of VOCM.
It was another fine night for the Liberal Leadership Candidates to gather and showcase their leadership style to the people of the province.

It was a near-full house at The Capital Hotel with plenty of loyal Liberals and others who are now looking to the Liberal Party as the only alternative in the run up to Election 2015.

It came as no surprise that Jim’s performance was once again impressive; and as one observer noted “no debate that Jim was on top of his game!”

From his opening address on social justice to his closing statement on “making and sharing the pie” (for which he got an enthusiastic applause!), our Leadership Candidate emerged once again as the policy frontrunner and knowledgeable on all the issues. He also placed a priority on building the party back up which pleases many Liberals. 

The post-debate accolades highlight the fact that support for Jim’s Leadership  is growing as the campaign speeds along.  One supporter who is now solidly behind Jim wrote the Jim Bennett Team to say:

Jim has the opportunity to build on what he is already ‘standing for’ . To prove to the province that he is ‘the leader’ amongst ‘the five’. He has the ability to pull himself forward as ‘the leader’.

Our Candidate is grateful for all the support that is moving his way and is working hard to earn your respect, backing and trust to enable him to lead this party and this province.

Team Jim Bennett

Jim shines at Labrador Debate!

It seems the Liberal Party received a warm welcome by many Labradorians who attended today's debate in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. It was a chance for the Leadership candidates to strut their styles, personalities and policies.

How did our Leadership Candidate perform? Well, according to one person in attendance:

"...The liberal party has a great and reputable collection of candidates seeking the leadership position. I was very impressed with all of them. I found Jim to be very sincere, but could tell that many of the leaders had done their homework when it came to Labrador issues. I think I will support Jim, because of his genuineness and passion. He's a great guy. :-) 
Thanks for the invite."
Sandy Gould

Jim is impressing more and more people as the campaign rolls along.

Known as the Policy Candidate in this race, his genuineness and passion are also  strengths that people  admire and see as sound attributes of a strong Leader.

Team Jim Bennett

Remaining Liberal in Hard Times

When you are young, it is easy to follow the crowd.

Following the convention in Ottawa, Trudeaumania swept across Canada, but in Newfoundland and Labrador, the Liberal Tide was going out.   

After 19 years of Smallwood rule – and no successor in sight – people of the province turned against the Liberals and elected six Tories. Only Don Jamison on the south coast was spared from the anti-Liberal  backlash.  

Many teenagers would have gotten on the bandwagon and switched sides to the more popular choice. Yet, Jim remained a Liberal, campaigning for the Liberal candidate Meech Matthews in the riding of Humber-St. George’s – St. Barbe.

Jim says he still meets people today who recalls his audacity as a 15 year old, hopping  on a 10-speed bike with a Liberal sign and following a 200-car Tory procession led by the popular Frank Moores and Jack Marshall.

Jim being sworn in as MHA by Hon. John Crosbie

The following year, Smallwood announced his retirement and Jim – now 16 – joined the John Crosbie for Leader Team.  Smallwood did his famous comeback pronouncement saying he had changed his mind and he would be running to succeed himself. At that point many people would have switched back and supported the stronger candidate. 

Not Jim. To him, in politics, as in life, a commitment made is to be honored. He stuck with Crosbie and they were trounced by the more experienced, better funded Smallwood machine. A bitter John Crosbie and many of his supported abandoned the Liberal Party and joined the Tories.

Not Jim.  To him, Liberalism has always been a cause much larger than any one person. Leaders will come and Leaders will go, but to Jim, the Liberal Party is the best party to advance the interests of most people over the long term.

Even in his early years, Jim showed a strength of character uncommon to men of his age, and he exhibited  a steadfast commitment to the Liberal Party which he still holds today.

Team Jim Bennett

We have to do it differently!

Cod are coming back to our waters after an absence of over 20 years. There is a need for a plan to deal with the harvesting, processing and marketing of this  precious resource to ensure it has a place in our future.

Our Leadership candidate has been continuously calling on government to get its  act together and be prepared with an action plan so we can maximize the value of this fish. Government of course continues to deny we need to act and so, they do what they do best - twiddle their thumbs.

This past Friday on Fisheries Broadcast, Bob Verge (President of the Canadian Centre for  Fisheries Innovation Centre) was questioned about the return of the Cod. While he acknowledges that the world is a different place today than when the Cod were a big part of our lives and there are challenges, he also spoke about the opportunities.

We just have to be prepared to do it differently he says. We have to start with a clean slate to add value to our Cod.  Sounds like we need an action plan right?

As Opposition Fisheries Critic Jim has a gain a great deal of knowledge of the fisheries and  (unlike the current government) sees more opportunities than problems, especially as it pertains to our iconic fish and utilizing  fish wastage. Let's do it differently if needed - but LET'S DO IT!

Jim has the vision and the ideas to make the fishery an industry that does not just stagnates, but grows to improve all our regions.

Team Jim Bennett

Labrador Debate

If you're going to be in the Happy Valley - Goose Bay area on September 10th then you should take in the next debate in the Leadership tour. Jim performed very well at the last debate, showing everyone in attendance that he has actual answers to the hard questions, and not just generalities and platitudes.

The Labrador debate will take place at the Hotel North 2 on September 10th from 12 to 2pm. It's a luncheon and a short debate so tickets are required to cover the cost of the meal and the venue. Tickets are $25 and if you want to attend let us know via the contact form on the right and we can see if there are any tickets remaining.

As Jim discussed with The Aurora in this article back in July, Labrador has unique development concerns that must be planned for appropriately.

Team Jim Bennett